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About Jen Jones and the Dosha dial (TM)

In the beginning...

Hi. My name is Jen Jones of Jen Jones Wellness. 

My journey is similar to many others in the sense that a traumatic injury led to an incredibly catastrophic medical situation which challenged my Mind, Body & Spirit to grow in many unexpected ways. It was because of a few seconds in my past, that I stand before you today, to share of possibility.  Had it not been for a motor vehicle accident, I do not know where I would be (on many levels), but it is unlikely that I would have found myself on the path to Ayurveda otherwise. If you are asking, "Ayur-what?", it is OK, many people do. That is why I created the Dosha Dial. Due to the tremendous illness and disability that I was experiencing for over a decade, I found myself desperate for answers and seeking. My journey brought me to this "alternative medicine" of Ayurveda and while it was quite alternative to the standard care of treatment I was receiving, it was the most natural and supportive science for my healing that I had encountered. After working with a Certified Practitioner with astounding results, I chose to continue my education at the Ayurvedic Institute as I knew deep down that this was the information I needed to set me free from pain and suffering.

The results were so profound that after completing my education and receiving a certification as an Ayurveda Practitioner (now titled Certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant), people from my community were a gasp and asking many questions regarding the transformation. Starting with, Them: "What did you do?" Me: "Ayurveda" Them: "Ayur-what?" And so, it began. The challenge to create a visual which communicated the basic concepts of this beautiful and ancient holistic medicine was met by my creative Teacher soul and the Dosha Dial (TM) was born. 

Frustrated that the main Ayurvedic concepts of the 5 Elements, 3 Doshas and 6 Tastes required a minimum of two Venn diagrams or infographics, I designed one spinning tool (an actual dial), which included those but showed even more information. Starting with the Elements and connecting with bands for the Doshas and Tastes, little red or blue dots were added to the end of each Element's petal to show its Heating or Cooling energy (Virya). I also quickly noticed that by placing one's hand over the dial at each Dosha, it showed which tastes Increased that Dosha and which tastes Decreased. (SEE Dosha Dial Poster for example). Five concepts in one design. From there, other color-coded visual aids were created to "show" the various charts requiring rote memorization and transformed them to picture stories. This way, people that were interested in delving a bit deeper into their studies of Ayurveda, had more visually supportive tools. From there, Spice and Herb Jar Labels were created and used with clients to "see" the Tastes in their Spices when making selections. This was so successful that the Dosha Dial Student Workbook was born by bringing together the Favor Plates, Poor Food Combining Chart and several handouts. From initial concept, this program has been taught and tested for ten years no and I am so very proud to present it to you!

I also feel very blessed and so grateful that the feedback from leaders in the field  and seasoned Practitioners everywhere (without bragging) are time and time again, calling this teaching/learning color-coded system "innovative". The connections people make are so exciting to watch and that is exactly why I created these tools to acquire knowledge in a fun, colorful and meaningful way; it is for my students and you, the reader. 

Enjoy the ideas presented on this website. We will be updating to a more user friendly host soon so resources and information are limited at this time but please check back soon as there will be more to share. 

PHOTO GALLERY: The photos beneath are past (post accident) and near recent (weight loss of 177 pounds). 

Interviewed by the RSDSA, Newspaper and a radio show guest, interviews and podcasts will eventually be linked. 

Artistic photos are banners of what I present at speaking engagements. "Vitruvian Woman": I actually call this one "Freedom" hence the wings, as I am now free from all of those pharmaceuticals. These are the actual pill containers from what I was prescribed over a ten year period (70,975 pills). The pill mosaic was created from what I did not take, whether due to switching prescriptions or chose to take less. More details will be offered on our new page or you can hire me to speak at your gathering. Either way, if you need a bit of hope and belief as to what the human body can endure and overcome, come back to visit!

Thank you and Namaste,


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