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Teachers: Ayurveda & Yoga


Teachers and Practitioners  interested in purchasing discounted  packages  for your classroom, click button below to receive more information. *Includes activities, handouts and games not shown or sold separately. 

Get an Ayurvedic Game night going!   

Teachers & Practitioners Retail


Do you have a retail shop in your Wellness Center or Yoga Studio? Perhaps you would like to sell Workbooks and Ayurveda Spice Labels to your attendees? Perhaps your YTT students would LOVE to own their own Yogaminoes or use Essential Oils in their practice and would benefit from Essential Oil Chakra Stickers. Click button below for more information. Wholesale with Tax ID #.

Dosha Dial(TM) Lifestyle Licensees



Still a grassroots movement of like-minded folks, if you are a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner / Lifestyle Consultant and would like to offer  Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness meetings at your Wellness Center or Yoga Studio, but not sure where to start, becoming a Dosha Dial(TM)  Licensee will give you access to discounted packages, wholesale prices, handouts, activities and games not shown here. 

The Dosha Dial(TM) Lifestyle program was created as a picture book awaiting it's storyteller, you. These visual aids are brought to life with your explanation. You do the teaching and facilitate the meetings, we provide the activities, handouts, recipes and visuals. Click button for more information.